ALI Pictures LLC is a NYC boutique film production company founded by bestselling author and award-winning Indie filmmaker John Alan Andrews. The company seeks eclectic projects for Film, TV and Video Games. 

In Development & Coming Soon…

After serving in Colombia and rooting out some of the most notorious Drug Lords. Walter Banks returns to his homeland Jamaica and continues his unabashed intelligence campaign.

A converted drug dealer desires to keep drug dealers off the street, Now her ex-clients are after her family. Could she survive in this web of unexpected suspects?

Secretly given up for adoption by her mother and wife of the Jamaican Police Commissioner. Empress aka Trigger Baby, as a Gen Z drops out of school and thrives as a lethal Drug Runner. Realizing there‚Äôs more to life, she is bent on graduating and earning a degree in Biology and Finance. However, old habits die hard. So, she hustles and kills at night. While focusing on the scholastics during the day.